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Stephen Spring

Agile Mind
Agile Mind Advisor
Stephen Spring is a champion for students and educators learning and teaching in city school systems. Stephen’s expertise is grounded in three decades of experience in secondary mathematics education. He has served as a middle and high school mathematics instructor in Washington, DC, San Francisco, and Austin. During these years, he also worked as a district curriculum specialist, a school administrator, an elected school board member, and now as an educational program manager for a local non-profit.Stephen’s connection to Agile Mind began in 2005 and has spanned 15 years. He has taught the curriculum, launched a state-wide program to shift mathematics education with Agile Mind as the pivotal curriculum, authored much of the course content during three years of employment at the Dana Center, and has served for eight years as an advisor delivering quality professional development and assisting schools in using Agile Mind to ensure students are provided a guaranteed and viable mathematics experience.

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